Defeat Totalitarianism – Become your own Authority

As the vast majority of human beings are dependent on outside authorities they can easily be manipulated, hypnotized, and controlled by those they have ceded their power to. 

            Spiritual life offers us the opportunity to reclaim our own authority by voluntarily detaching from these dependencies. The essential element of spiritual practice, true to all traditions in the world, is - in some manner or form - to make an inner space in consciousness by separating or detaching from the external pulls, laws, temptations, threats,  and other dependencies on external reality; likewise,  detach from those analogous inward attachments or dependencies we hatch in our personal consciousness. 

            These dependencies or attachments on external or internal pressures that we hatch are called egregores artificially created demons, called such in the ancient wisdom. Anxiety, fear, worry, anger, depression, regret, and the like are such egregores. The external egregores created by the collective consciousness of a community may be seen in the development of nazism and apartheid, as examples