The law of detachment is the law of love. When God sought to create the world – according to the spiritual teachings of Kabbalah – He⁄She covered everything and was everywhere. In a great act of love and mercy He⁄She contracted Him⁄Herself leaving a space for something to be created in that void. That "something" was the created world. Thus, we find ourselves here in this sacred place through an act of cosmic detachment.

Since we are: (1) made in God’s image and likeness; (2) have free will and choice; (3) are a microcosm of the macrocosm, we are here to emulate God. By withdrawing or detaching, we reenact God’s act of creating space in which a new creation can come into being. Pregnant women are doing this all the time, for at the time of labor they begin contractions coupled with creating a space for a new birth to come into existence.

What a loving act it is to make space for another to be, express and become who he or she is without having to be concerned over someone else trying to control, manipulate, or otherwise gain domination over them. Only such a loving act of detachment reverses the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest where one gains supremacy through dominating or subjugating others. True love takes quite the opposite stance.

In connection with the experience of attraction, the existence of space created through the act of detachment puts us in immediate contact with the forces of divinity or the universe (if you prefer). As we emulate God, so does God, through the agency of His⁄Her force of love, come to sustain and support us. This is the cosmic law of attraction. We create the space through detachment and the universe is attracted to us, it comes to fill in exactly what we need. By detaching we bring to us the great gifts the universe has and wants to bestow on us.

This is the secret behind The Secret.