Do The Strong Serve The Weak or The Weak Serve The Strong?

In the Western wisdom literature, namely the Bible, there is a phrase repeated 50 times: help the widows and orphans in their trials and tribulations. In other words the strong must serve the weak.

Have you noticed how in the man–made world this process is reversed? The weak are asked to serve the strong till they are to be discarded and replaced by another to fill in a slot. That’s how it works with regard to the powerful institutions that dominate our landscape of life. Aren’t the weak asked, or coerced, to serve or sacrifice themselves on the altar of the needs of those institutions that run our lives? That this takes place can be called first–class idolatry, such as that practiced by ancient polytheistic tribes who sent many children to their deaths on fiery pyres or cut the hearts out of their sacrificed human being slaves.

President Obama is crying out for aid to be given to the disadvantaged – the current widows and orphans. However, the politicians are not used to serving the poor and weak. Rather, they like to be served, put in positions of power and feather their own nests or those who lobby and support them; you know those special interest groups they are cozy with.

In this regard the politicos had no trouble handing out 700 billion dollars to the strong – the banks and other like institutions – without as much as a whimper. There was no debate, no open transparent discussion. It took about two days to accomplish. But, when it comes to the general populace – those dispensable, anonymous shadows who don't have jobs, insurance, food – they don’t see a dime yet.

In fact, the burden for straightening out the mess created by the institutions falls not on the shoulders of the strong who perpetrated the crisis, but on the shoulders of the weak who continue to serve the strong.

In the power as control game that serves as the model for how the weak serve the strong by being slaves, as it ever was and is in the course of human existence on earth, the weak will continue to oblige the strong, remain slaves and continue to live in the shadows. They serve the slogan that fuels this master–slave game, namely "me real, you shadow."

In the strong serving weak game fueled by love and caring, the aim is to end slavery, raise everyone’s status and end the domination–subjugation will to power. The slogan describing this spiritually sound cause is "me real, you real." Here we all walk in the light, the light of grace and freedom.