Documentary about Colette II – Ten Essential Imagery Exercises (DVD)

Colette Aboulker Muscat Documentary II – 10 Essential Imagery Exercises (DVD)

Did you ever wish you could participate in an imagery session with Colette Aboulker-Muscat? In this rare footage, award winning director, Patrick Bokanowski, films Colette giving a class in – what she considered – the 10 essential imagery exercises for healing. Colette provides feedback to students on their personal imagery and emphasizes the key component to healing.

Included is imagery to:

  • reconstruct ourselves
  • overcome sorrow and loss
  • heal the body
  • strengthen ourselves in the face of challenges
  • throw away our difficulties
  • unravel the complications that bind us

"A simple exercise [can lead] you to the direction where it can [tell] you where you stand, without your concrete thoughts... interfering. It tells you what is best for you, at that moment."

DVD, English. NTSC Format.