Donald Trump: A Spiritual Perspective

This is not a political piece. This is about spiritual education.

In the western spiritual tradition, we pay attention to the events of our daily life experience using them as the practice ground for spiritual evolution. 

Some of the major characteristics of becoming or being a true human-being include being: 




Gratuitous, its higher meaning of giving happily, freely, genuinely, without the need to get anything back



Divinely inspired; and 

Making a beneficial contribution to others

The Donald exudes exactly the contrary to these qualities mentioned above. For in his actions he conveys everything we need to know about how not to be a true human-being. He demeans whole classes of people: people of color, women, immigrants, and Muslims. He never actually provides any substantive claims to his arguments, and instead relies on false platitudes to rally the sleeping masses into frenzies of hate and ignorance.

In spiritual life, we aim to uproot the five dark currents of will: to take, keep, hold onto, and advance at the expense of others. We act to instill the five light currents of will: to give, share, renounce, teach, and act humbly. Here again, Donald Trump embodies the antithesis of what defines true humanness.

Personally, I have no political affiliations or ax to grind. Trump does provide great political theater and the source of a few chuckles; but more important is the education he provides of how not to act.

Thank you Donald Trump.


Dr. Jerry