The Dread of Remission

H., a person suffering from cancer over a period of several years, though having a devastating impact on his quality of life, did manage to overcome this malady using conventional chemotherapy.

At the time, his doctor told him at their last meeting that he was “totally free” of cancer.  There were no radiological or chemical markers indicating any detectable remnant of this ailment.  “You are in total remission,” he was told.  Hearing this “good news,” he also noted that his energy returned.  He felt revitalized, like a rebirth to life.  Afterward he went on to continue to receive weekly injections of a vitamin preparation to help bolster his immune system as a “preventive” measure.

All sounds good to me.  But, I was left disquieted.  Why?  The phrase “total remission” was the source of this unease.  Why?  Remission.  This term, used in medicine, means temporarily gone, but is subject to recurrence. It is a term of doubt planted in the garden of the cured’s consciousness: a belief held in the recesses of the mind that the condition can return.  It fills one with the dread of looming death.  It’s a double-barrel dread: We are given a nocebo, a harmful negativistic belief, that cancer is not over, never over really in the delusional thinking of oncological theory; A mixed message of you are “totally free” of the condition, yet it will recur.  It’s a lose/lose situation where the cured one is always made to feel attached to something that doesn’t exist. To make matters worse, the person is told that more chemotherapy is in order to prevent recurrence.  Huh?  Chemotherapy is a treatment; yet, in this case, it is a treatment for what isn’t.

 This notion of the forever of cancer is a delusional belief tenaciously held onto.  To do so makes me wonder about the efficacy of medical cancer research:  if you follow the forever belief of cancer always there lurking in the shadows, how can there be a cure, since cure, in medical terms, means an end of a condition? Yet, untold millions (now billions) of dollars are poured into research to find a cure for something that cannot be cured!

Chemo doesn’t prevent an occurrence or maintain a cancer free system.  Rather, it is ever and always a treatment that weakens the body’s natural ability to maintain health. What does help? Find and correct the social errors of living that are the sources of our imbalance and illness. These are reflected in our entire being - physical, mental, emotional, social (relational/environmental) and moral. Yes, remedy the physical by balanced nutritious eating, physical exercises, rhythmical activity; and address our mental and emotional conflicts through mental imagery, self-awareness, love, faith, amongst others; and actively live the 10 cosmic laws/ commandments.

Once cancer-free, there may be no need for additional outside agents like chemotherapy as cited above. The real maintenance and prevention factors are embodied in you! You are now your self-agent of healing, having your own authority and self-resources to shift your value system of life to understand what is really important; to repurpose your life, change your frame of reference about our meaning and purpose of living.