Dreams and Communication

I instruct my students, and anyone dreaming of someone from the past, to call that person (if possible) and mention the dream in which they appeared. Recite the dream (inasmuch as appropriate), as it may contain a message for the friend, and the friend may in turn have a message for the dreamer.

Following a dream in which she met a man from many years ago, a student in our group dream class contacted this old peer, who said that it is nice to make and have contact with an old friend.  She felt uplifted by his comment

Keeping in contact has the meaning of keeping alive the stream of life.  This contact doesn’t have to be frequent, and also can be kept in thought and feeling.  This contact is inherent in the rituals of holiday celebrations.  In doing so, we are making contact with those who came before us, stretching back into a long-ago ancient antiquity.  We are keeping that stream of life in perpetuity, not permitting it to be dried up or interfered with by any other means, such as pollution, contamination, or any other adultery.

We can make contact not only with the living but also with the dead, with those who have come before us. Physical death does not mean the end of life. Death here represents the cessation of movement of physical energies, the stoppage. Here, stoppage in no way means the end of the flow of the stream of life. It’s impossible for the stream of life energy to be stilled.  To believe otherwise is a statement of apostasy.  That this stream continues endlessly gives rise to the spiritual understanding that the dead come to heal the living. In this regard, it is interesting to note in the Hebraic tradition, the cemetery is called the “house of living.”

My teacher Colette of Blessed Memory used to think to her ancestors each night before bed. As she taught, there is only a thin veil separating the worlds.

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