Easter: From Death to Life

An important message of Easter, the return of the dead soul to life, bears the message that death can be overcome.  This event is called “resurrection.” This was not a unique phenomenon of the Abrahamic tradition, but found in many ancient cultures.  In modern life, we see this possibility nearing through technological-biological means.

Here is an exercise to live the depth of this Death to Life possibility. 

  • Sit up and close your eyes.
  • Breathe out and in three times slowly; long, slow exhalations through the mouth, normal inhalations through the nose.
  • Then, know and live the following:
  • “I am walking with the true living One.”
  • Breathe out one time.
  • Now, feel and live the reverse of the “inevitability” of death to the “inevitability” of life.
  • Breathe out one time.
  • Sense and feel how your faith brings you back to life.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.