Economic Times

I am not an economic maven. But, I am a spiritual one. In that capacity I can see analogies between the two arenas. In spiritual understanding there is a four–fold process of life that has existed with us since our eviction from Eden. This process consists of initiative–>resistance–>form–>result. The potter initiates his ⁄ her idea for a pot. The clay is molded (initiative) against the wheel (resistance) creating a form (pot) leading to a result (the pot’s use). A healthcare bill is presented to enfranchise all Americans (initiative [sic] = "Give us your tired, needy, those yearning to be free"; [sic] remember to help the widows and orphans in their time of need, trials and tribulations) is presented. It is met with stiff opposition (resistance) by the already enfranchised. The outcome is the form this legislation will take. The result will be some version of increased healthcare coverage for the country and maintaining the insurance executives’ opulence.

Now, with the fall of communism around the world as a resistance to capitalism, and the limited influence of socialism as a resistant force against the capitalist economic system, it was and has been able to run amok throughout the world in a deregulated manner. We have all suffered (except the banks and other large financial institutions) the consequence of such excess. There is no substantial resisting force yet apparent to create a new form and result. Whatever resistance has to come from an internal capitalist monitoring force to apply some regulation resistance. Of course, a system coming to investigate its own tenets to produce change is a sticky proposition at best. It smacks of the old adage of an unknown source: "Who guards the guards"?

The four–fold principle has to hold sway for there to be stability in this manmade world until we achieve one of the spiritual goals set out for us human beings: to restore and return to Eden, where there will be no more need for the initiative–resistance axis.

Thankfully, everything is the time–space world is subject to change. As King David said in the Psalms referring to our life in this world: "This too shall pass."