Eve's Error and the Apple Logo

 To my thinking, Apple’s famous logo of a bitten apple is more a symbol of death than that of knowledge.  In taking that first bite of the apple, Eve birthed not only civilization, but introduced life and death.  In contrast to our world, Eden was a realm of no time -- of eternal life.  At the moment Eve succumbed to the serpent’s suggestion to eat of the apple and to “become as God,” death entered the picture. 

So that first bite brought death, that overarching specter looming over everybody’s life on Earth.  It is the motivating force that guides almost all of humanity’s behaviors, including the most destructive ones that divert us from the path of Life that includes love, faith, hope and the conviction or firm belief of the knowledge of God. 

The prospect of death is regarded as inevitable in mass consciousness, but not in spiritual consciousness.  This focus squarely on death leads us to inflict more and more death through our continued errors in living. (An explanation of our attachment to death, the errors this attachment breeds, and the corrections are the heart of my forthcoming book, Love Trumps Death, due out in 2016). 

So next time you see the Apple logo, consider how it reinforces Eve’s error by prompting us to turn away from love, faith, and God, and encourages us to substitute other technological novelties for God --  such as the computer itself  -- that have come to occupy and shape our interests, thoughts, and time.