Faces of People in the News - Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg and George Bush, Jr.


TEETH Canine teeth that are disproportionately long compared to the surrounding molars and incisors reflect a predatory impulse. The canines tear apart flesh (dogs are called “canines”) and have an impact on male-female relationships. Be careful if your intended boyfriend or girlfriend has such teeth. If you want the relationship to mature in your favor, ask the prospective partner to have those teeth ground down to a proportionate relationship to the other teeth, and make them rounded! Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has such teeth.

LIPS Did you know that the upper lip is the social lip, while the lower one reflects our biological functions, particularly the intestinal tract and prostate in men. A thin upper lip, going straight across the mouth, reflects a mean, tough nature that can bleed over into cruelty and callousness that can lead to heartlessness. Such a person with this lip can be given to cursing and mean-spirited remarks. By lip, here I mean the fleshy part (not the muscle part above or below those fleshy areas). Michael Bloomberg and George Bush, Jr. have this type of lip.

MORPHOLOGY AND PUBLIC FIGURES  It is important for us to know qualities and characteristics of anyone in public life, no matter what their field of endeavor because of their influence(s) and effects on our lives. Knowing such characteristics doesn’t speak to their entirety of being, but more to behavioral traits. For example, Glen Beck has been caught in many a lie. Possessing a rectangular face shape, he lies for the expediency of the moment. It does not mean that he lies 24/7. What a person is and his/her behavioral traits are not the same. To label someone “a liar” condemns one’s soul. To do so would be unfair. To say someone acts as a liar at particular times is not condemnatory of this person’s soul. After all, “let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” What you are and what you do are not to be equated.  Be careful what you call someone.  We don’t want to engage in condemning souls.

Remember, morphology is a denotative, descriptive science, not a connotative, opinionated one.  It speaks to what is (as all of spiritual science does), without drawing conclusions or having pre-existing agendas. It presents the information expressed in the face (and body), leaving you to “take it for what it’s worth,” in any way you so choose.

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