Faith and Doubt: Paradoxes of Paradoxes

Future thinking is fueled by doubt and faith at the same instant.  Doubt is clearly experienced in future voices, “futurenomics” (my terms for economic illusions), by indecision and “if-then” thinking as primary examples.

These are destructive mental disturbances, especially where there is no reasonable reason to be thinking this way, when they serve to paralyze movement in our own physiology, or in taking action in the world around us.

On the other hand, faith plays a part in such thought processes.  Consider this:  when I think about the future, I have faith it will materialize.  If I tell you, “I’ll meet you tonight at eight clock at the movie theater,” I have faith such a meeting will materialize.

Wanting to be in control or in charge of the future is appropriating for ourselves the knowledge and power of Divine Will.

Just as in spiritual doctrine, Cosmic Consciousness/God had faith in creating us, faith that we would live in His/Her image and likeness to create an ongoing future holy world. We,  in our materialistic-laden vanity, do not emulate that faith.

We cross a boundary, trespassing into the God realm to believe we can manifest the future through our thoughts.  Otherwise why would we continue knocking ourselves out with such illusory, mirage-laden, often bordering on the delusional mental activity?

The moral of the story:  We really want to be God, but our doubts can never really let that happen.  Thank God.

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