Faith: A Powerful Human Force

Faith is one of the most powerful forces known to us humans. It is a greater power than any known physical one. Faith entails an intimate and personal connection to God and is one of the 7 gifts rain down from above to us. As with any sacred force, it can be used for beneficial aims or destructive ones.

The destructive ones are well known throughout the course of human history. That is, when faith is used as a weapon to control and persecute people who don’t share a similar view of faith. This misuse of faith bonds and enslaves us to authorities that have malevolent intentions toward their fellow human beings.

Such use of this weaponry displays an inhumanity and defies the spiritual laws of harmlessness, consideration and preservation of life.  

In the long run these inhumane forces will be overcome by an awakening of consciousness to turn away from deceitful faith to faith allied to life here and now, not to some future illusion.