Find Your Valentine, Find Your Love

To find your valentine

Frequency: To be done only on Valentine’s Day once a year if you need to.  

Sit up in a straight backed chair, with your hands in your lap, palms down. Close your eyes.

Breathe out one long exhalation through the mouth.

See in front of you a door marked in gold letters BOYFRIEND ROOM or GIRLFRIEND ROOM. Enter and close the door. Inside is a large group of boys or girls (or men and women). Survey the room and at that moment imaginally ask in a loud voice for a boyfriend or girlfriend to step forward. When he/she comes forth tell each other your names and say to each other “you are my valentine” as both of you accept.  Then go out of the room hand in hand, climbing a staircase to an altar where you say your vows to each other for any kind of relationship you are seeking. Smile at each other, descend the staircase to where you began and walk together ahead to a new future. 

Breathe out once and open your eyes.