GEMS Clinical Group Supervision

Attendance: video conference call. 

Using clinical presentations and patient/client photographs, participants present challenging case studies for group discussion. Participants deepen their therapeutic skills in morphology (face reading), mental imagery, dream reading, techniques of will, analogic thinking, phenomenology, and the understanding of the healing relationship. 

For questions or to enroll, call Rachel (Dr. Jerry's wife) at 646-269-4742 or email

For Health Care Professionals
Gerald Epstein, M.D.

351 East 84th, Apt. 10-D, New York, NY 10028



Every Third Thursday, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM 

Dates: Sept. 13; Oct. 4, 25; Nov. 15; Dec. 6; Jan. 10, 31; Feb. 21; Mar. 14; Apr. 4, 25; May 16; Jun. 6, 20* (*2 week gap)  

Fee: $75 per meeting 


$1050 per year payable in two installments of $525  (Sept. 13 and Jan. 31)



Please note: For clinicians enrolled in AIMI certificate programs, the three Tuesday courses count toward completed requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion.