GEMS I: Foundations of Healing - Starts January 22 2022

 This course covers the fundamentals of self-healing using western monotheistic spiritual and metaphysical principles and practices.An introductory class that covers a range of topics for self-development, transformation, and healing including: 

  • The Seven Keys to Healing
  • The Mirrored Universe: How Beliefs Manifest as Experience
  • Limiting Beliefs - personal and universal 
  • Why We Get Sick and We Get Well How Doubt, Expectation and Denial insinuate themselves within us
  • The Healing Relationship & Unconditional Love
  • Mental Imagery for Healing Physical and Emotional diffuclites
  • Techniques of Will: Chanting, Stopping Exercises, Life Plan

Each week, students will learn concrete tools and techniques to remove mental, emotional, and physical blocks. Students will leave with a newfound understanding of themselves, a greater connection to their intuition, the ability to transform their lives, and change their habits.

Tools for Self-Healing
Rachel Epstein, LAc

Call in to Zoom via computer or tel. or receive an mp3 recording.



Every Other Tuesday  January 2022 - June 2022  11:00 AM–12:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time) 

 2022: Jan 25; Feb 8, 22; Mar. 8, 22;  Apr 05,19;  May 3, 17, 31; Jun 14 

 Tuition: $550