GEMS II: The Wisdom Keepers

Using texts and discussion, the class explores imagination, intuition, love, detachment, and healing. Students will come away with a greater understanding of the western spiritual traditions to enhance their spiritual practice. Readings include Dr. Epstein’s unpublished Your Beliefs are Killing You; Selections from Rhondell Talks; Dr Bach's Heal Thyself; Selections from Meditations on the Tarot; Stanley Keleman’s Myth and Body; Selected writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan; The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Yves Le Loup trans.); Other texts TBD. 

This year we will  focus is on how the GEMS five dimensions of our experience - mental, emotional, physical, social and moral  -- weave into one another. We will explore how our emotions, feelings, and thoughts are organized into bodily patterns as well so that change is occuring in body and mind simultaneously.  



Rachel Epstein, L.Ac

Call in to ZOOM via computer or telephone OR receive an mp3 recording


Every Other Tuesday*, Oct - Jun, 11:00 AM–12:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time) 

Oct. 6, 20; Nov. 3, 17; Dec. 1, 15; Jan. 12, 26;

Feb. 9, 23; Mar. 9, 23; Apr. 6, 20; May 4,18; Jun.1, 15, 29

Tuition $1200 - payable in 3 payments of $400 due Oct 6, Dec 1, Mar 23


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