GEMS Spiritual Healthcare Model

GEMS (The Gerald Epstein Medical Model) care mode is a unified wholistic health care model based on the ancient spiritual practices of the Western Spiritual tradition. It addresses the complete human being in an integrative system that recognizes that we are unified beings who express ourselves simultaneously in physical, mental, emotional, social (including environmental) and moral spheres that are sourced by Spirit. These dimensions reflect one another – each speaking to us in its own language. More on GEMS and health conditions.  Take Dr. Jerry's new GEMS class (see LEARN in our top menu) . Watch Dr. Jerry's provocative MindBody Hearth Health lecture at NYU Langone Medical Center. View now!

My model of healthcare starts from the proposition that we know more about ourselves than any other “expert” or test and our mission here on earth is to become our own authority.  We are a bodymindspirit unity in which the physical-mental-emotional-social-moral dimensions of ourselves reflect each other. Our current solution based model of healthcare doesn't work. 

Example:  heart issues generally reflect issues around love - for the heart is the physical analogy to love (and lust). But we can also ask what are the social issues – are we broken hearted over someone or something? Are we making up a story about never finding love ever again?  Has a loved one suddenly left us? What are the moral issues? Have we turned another into an idol, as is typical in an infatuation? Have we coveted someone or something? (Lust is an aspect of coveting).

By acknowledging and addressing these deeper sources of pain and conflict, we acknowledge our own part in whatever “happens” to us, take charge of healing, as we are no longer at the mercy of a random universe, and facilitate our own healing.  Once we know the sources, we can make corrections, and reverse our errors.

Do you call on modern medicine when you need to? Sure, but first you call on your own abilities to heal through your own power of mind and the tools of mental imagery and will. In addition, you make corrections and repairs with those around you. 

Understanding that we are all part of a shared social web that informs our existence on earth helps us to understand that we are also a part of a spiritual web. Thus it will come as no surprise that the root term for healing – Kailo – also gives rise to the words whole, health, holistic, wholesome, hale – and holy. There is no true healing without holiness and wholesomeness.

GEMS is a sacred healthcare system that replaces the current materialistically based medical system of the last 450 years that posits only the physical is real. Unable to treat chronic illness successfully, this “modern” model has been forced to expand to incorporate a broader unified mind-body model of health under the banner of complementary medicine. It too, however, has fallen prey to reductionist thinking such as “molecules of emotion,”  “genetics and epigenetics,” and “auto-immune” to pin illness on invisible physical factors. 

In contrast, GEMS aligns perfectly with the emerging new consciousness, addressing:

  • How the world comes into existence: the dynamics of manifestation from Spirit (essence) to existence.
  • How to live in the world: via the three-tiered spiritual science model: Spirit → Errors → Corrections.
  • The five dimensional realities of health that mirror each other.
  • How to become your own self-directed doctor/healer/diagnostician.
  • How to read the signs of distress and create the changes they are pointing us toward.
  • How to make suffering a friend, not an enemy.
  • The major diagnostic and treatment tools including: imagery, the power of will, face reading, and dream reading.
  • To build an immunity to conflict.
  • The 10 Spiritual Laws (aka the 10 Commandments) and their application to your daily life.
  • To Love – the natural outgrowth of applying this system to your life.
  • Overcoming Death and restoring Eden on Earth

I hope this site will empower you to take charge of your life to create new realities and experiences. You'll find books, articles, upcoming events, and my healthcare practice to further help you.

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