Richard Rubenstein, Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, writes in his book Thus Saith The Lord: The Revolutionary Moral Vision of Isaiah and Jeremiah (New York: Harcourt Books) that globalization is the way to world unity and fulfillment of Isaiah’s second proclamation of the end of war and the subsequent unity of human brother ⁄ sisterhood. I have to agree, but for reasons somewhat askance from Professor Rubenstein’s. His views await your perusal of his book. The way I see it, globalization will bring the materialistic, mercenary, acquisitive impulses to an end, embedded as they currently are in the five dark currents of will: to take, keep, hold onto at the expense of others, advance at the expense of others, and the desire to be great.

What globalization brings has two distinct possibilities – opening the door to spiritual life and the eventual restoration of the Edenic existence awaiting us:

  1. The hyper–materialism that would ensue would bring people to realize how the satiation of material life does not bring the happiness and peace of mind hoped for. Then satisfaction needs to be looked for in different qualities, namely an inner turning to the spiritual dimension and its consequent renunciation of the five dark currents of will.
  2. The explosion of the five dark currents (that spiritual life requires be short–circuited) leads to an exhaustion of our resources. Given that we run out of goods there is nowhere to go but to turn to the one resource we cannot exhaust, namely, Spirit. I suspect this concern of running out of resources materially is prompting the desire to find out if other planets within our reach are "habitable." This latter term is not mine but is used by NASA in its exploration of Mars. NASA’s concern is whether Mars is habitable (note – not inhabited). Why is this important? Because, amongst the non–meek who currently inhabit the earth there is a sense that our resources are running out and that we need to explore the possibility of exploiting what the red planet has to offer.

It would be nice if the exploration of inner space – the spiritual dimension – matched the extraordinary outlay of funds used to explore outer space (that instead could be used for problems besetting us on earth). Be that as it may, globalization brings a real possibility to the fore for a genuine evolutionary shift in consciousness. Of course, it needs be considered that such globalization taking place under the five dark currents will bring with it unparalleled strife and misery. However as the entropy (breakdown, decomposition, and decay that is automatically built into material life) this direction of globalization will produce will give way to a neg–entropic impulse of greater order, complexity and organization, truth will prevail in the world.