Greeting Each Other We Meet Ourselves

To Connect With All of Creation

For Thanksgiving 2018 -  Adapted from Mark Nepo

 *Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.  Greet the one you love with the traditional Blackfoot salutation  “How are the connections?” Hear their answer.

 *Now, see your connection to all that is as golden threads emanating from your belly button out to the universe creating a web of connections between yourself and all living beings. Live and know that there is no lasting health and wellbeing for you and yours without a working harmony among all living things.

 *Breathe out one time.  Hear and experience the Ubuntu wisdom “I am because you are, you are because I am”

 *Breathe out one time.  Experience the Lebanese greeting “You’re here! Now we can see!”

 *Breathe out one time.  See yourself as the mythical Chinese Chien bird with only one eye and one wing, needing to partner with another so together you may fly as one.  

  *Breathe out one time and experience the African Bushman’s greeting  “I See You!” and the joyful reply of another “I Am Here!” See, sense, and feel how our lifeblood is in relationship with others.

 *Breathe out one time. See yourself on the Great Spoked Wheel of Creation with God in the center. Know that each one of us is a part of the whole, each unique, yet each the same. Breathe out and open your eyes.