Healing from Cancer and Chronic Illness: Illness as a Transformative Process - Starts April 27, 2023

Healing from cancer & chronic illness is as much about healing the mind as healing the body. Fear of a recurrence, fear of pain, and the fear of death become chronic stressors weighing us down and robbing us of being here now. In this 6 week class, we will utilize mental imagery to tap into our innate healing capacity as well as learn how to reverse our responses to the chronic stressors in our lives. In the process we may discover that  illness can be an opportunity to grow into our authentic selves. Topics include the keys to healing, messages from the illness; body betrayal; emotions that feed illness; weeding out fears; finding freedom. 

Dr. Craigmyle, Ph D, practices integrative mindbody therapy with an emphasis on mental imagery. She is on the faculty of AIMI and developed the "Craigmyle Calming Technique"

Rachel Epstein, L Ac, is the Director of AIMI, and is the co-author of Reversing the Trauma of War, and edited Reversing Cancer through Mental Imagery. She has an imagery health coach practice. 

A Six Week Course of Imagery
Dr. Lydia Craigmyle, PhD & Rachel Epstein, LAc

Call in to ZOOM by computer or telephone


Six  Thursdays 11:00 AM  -12:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

2023 - April 27;  May 4, 11, 18, 25; Jun 1

Tuition: $375