Healing Through Mental Imagery: Thyroid

Healing Through Mental Imagery: Thyroid 

The thyroid gland is most important for helping to regulate the body’s metabolism.  This gland has the meaning of a door, or shield, or forest. 

When there is thyroid trouble, I usually look for some issue regarding going through a door in life—that is, making a decision of moving from one phase of life to another. 

One man I worked with was in the process of divorcing after a long marriage; he was making the transition painfully and had great reluctance in accepting the reality of the situation.  He was “stepping through a new door,” as he put it.  He developed hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) in the course of this transition, as he moved toward being alone, unmarried, and in middle age. 

The suffering that results from this, and other similar transition situations, is kept in, or held on to, and is tucked into the thyroid.  The thyroid then “speaks” about going through the door.  Following is an imagery exercise to help you get through the door.  It can be used for either overactive or underactive thyroid.


Imagery Exercise to Help Make Thyroid Function Normal: Red & Blue

·      Close your eyes.  Breathe out three times. 

·      See yourself becoming very tall, with your arms becoming quite long, reaching your palms up to the sun. 

·      Take a piece of sun in your hands and place it in your thyroid (see diagram), seeing golden rays of light streaming to all parts of your body, giving health and well-being to your other glands. 

·      See red and blue channels of light crisscrossing in the thyroid, and know that your thyroid is functioning with normal hormone supply. 

·      See the pattern the crisscrossing makes, and see and sense a channel of red hormonal flow going from your pituitary to your thyroid, and a channel of blue flow going from your thyroid to your pituitary. 

·      When you see the flow of red and blue moving evenly and smoothly between pituitary and thyroid, know that your thyroid is functioning well.  Then breathe out and open your eyes.

 Frequency:  Four times a day (early morning, noon, twilight, bedtime), for 2 to 3 minutes, for three cycles of 21 days of use and 7 days off in between.

Next Steps: After this cycle, go for a retest of the thyroid function. 

  • If it has improved, repeat the exercise program for another three cycles, this time twice a day-early morning and twilight. 
  • If there has been no change or even some worsening (not a bad sign), then repeat for three cycles, three times a day—early morning, twilight, and bedtime; and then another three cycles twice a day—early morning and bedtime. 
  • Sometimes your condition will get worse before it gets better, but within one to two cycles you should improve.  If you do not improve after this time, see your doctor.