Healthcare vs Medical Care

The modern medical system has suddenly co-opted two terms that have not been part of its lexicon until now. These are: heal and healthcare.  Healing refers to coming into wholeness, and includes health and holiness. These four terms are derived from the same etymological root “kailo”, making them organically connected to each other. In the medical model there is never an inclusion of holiness as a factor within medical treatment. Instead, “cure” is commonly used to describe overcoming an ailment. This means what has been bothering you have been relieved. But, you would not be deemed whole or a unitary being. Such a concept does not exist in the conventional model. To heal is to come into oneness experienced not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, socially, morally.  

Regarding healthcare, medicine is not health care. Healthcare includes medical interventions, along with a whole host of others as healthcare practices. A healthcare model is not only inclusive regarding all established practices of natural sources as having efficacy, it also establishes a model of health, as well as non-health, not found in the medical model. The latter is a disease based one focusing squarely on discovering “diseases”, naming them, and applying remedies to cure them. Absent a health model it can’t be using terms such as healthcare and healing (the latter referable only to a healthcare paradigm/that we find creeping into content of TV and other media ads and announcements.0 

As an aside: President Obama is not proposing a healthcare reform bill, but a medical reform bill intended to provide the disenfranchised with medical care as the primary modality. All the other healthcare practices may not sit alongside the medical as possible primary interventions but as adjuncts at best. Many healthcare practices are not covered by insurance. They should be as many of them have proven their efficacy over many long centuries of use long before the modern medical system came into existence several centuries ago. These include: mental imagery, prayer, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, hands on healing (including Therapeutic Touch) vitamins, minerals, natural diets, exercise programs, etc.