HEART MATTERS: Love, Heart, Consciousness and the Mind

My teacher of blessed memory, Colette Aboulker–Muscat, gave me her definition of mind many years ago. She said it was ⁄ is the channel of communication between invisible and visible reality. There is no definition of this sort to be found in any dictionary. The materialist idea is the mind is a mental function of some sort located in the brain. A corollary to this materialist notion is that consciousness is located in the brain. Even many New Age and spiritual minded thinkers, promulgate the notion that the brain is in consciousness, or that the brain is in the mind. The debate erroneously centers on which element precedes the others. Here mind, consciousness, and brain are subtly linked as things; one substantial (brain), the other two insubstantial (mind, consciousness). All, however, remain within the realm of biology. Nowhere in the debate is the idea of location absent. As the primary source of all that is, consciousness has "no where." Heidegger understood this point when he stated, the brain does not think, human beings think; likewise, neuropeptides don’t cause emotions, rather, human beings feel and emote.

The spiritual approach to the matter views the brain as a secondary organ, one that receives and stores messages and distributes them to the other biological ⁄ physio–logical systems of the physical body. The primary organ is the heart. It receives the messages carried through the mind channel in the form of images, the language of the invisible made visible. Imagery is known as both the intelligence of the heart and the language of the heart in the Western tradition. It is the heart that sends impulses to the brain to organize brain function. The systole and diastole of heartbeat affect brain activity.

Conscious awareness is the field where all of this is happening, having energetic reflections such as light, electromagnetism, sound, and vibrations. The greatest energy thrust of all is love. It is the healing energy of the universe. Its analogous counterpart on the physical level is the heart. The intimate connection between the heart and love is indisputable. This correspondence has been made clear through the centuries by writers, poets, and artists. Cupid, the god of love, shoots his arrow into the lovers? hearts. And, then there is St. Valentine’s Day where expressions of love are offered as hearts equal (=) greeting cards, boxes of candy and the like. The heart is the depot for what is channeled along the mindpath. The heart in turn is the pivot point between consciousness and our living in a human world within the dimensions of time and space. It’s not the brain that governs this relationship. The brain is a limb of the heart, storing messages received from the latter and, in turn, transmitting them to the rest of our organism. The brain organizes those functions upon receipt from the five star general known as the heart.

In the next AIMI conference, scheduled for October 9, 2010, this process and connection will be amplified and clarified on this special day. Look for our posting on this site (and other). If you want information directly call me at (212) 369–4080.