Hitler's Error

On a recent trip to Prague, I was awed by many things top amongst them was the Pinkas synagogue with its moving Holocaust memorial and its astonishing old “Jewish Quarter” cemetery. Amazingly enough, Hitler left the synagogues and cemetery intact. The cemetery, originally located in the Jewish ghetto, was the only permitted place for Jewish burial from the late Middle Ages to 1787. There are untold numbers of tombstones placed this way and that, leaning one atop of the other, over gentle rolling mounds. The ground is uneven because the estimated 100,000 bodies, were piled atop each other, up to 12 layers high. Soil was added as necessary to accommodate the ever-growing numbers. Coffins, by the way, are a modern “invention” still not used in the Holy Land.

What stood out was that Hitler did not raze the synagogue or cemetery. Everything was left intact, a stark contrast to the crematoria where humans were burned alive in an attempt to pulverize the bones to dust. Why do I say “contrast”?  Because Hitler wanted to exterminate what he called the “race” of people and their doctrine of conscience from the earth.  He wanted to make extinct this group of who, he said, “invented conscience.  How unfortunate.”

Hitler knew about the monotheistic assertion regarding resurrection and the return of the dead souls to life through the bones that are resurrected and re-fleshed at the end of days. Today, experiments in natural science (http://drjerryepstein.org/content/therapeutic-touch-stimulates-prolifera...) are in the very same pursuit of resurrecting life through bone marrow DNA, a protein that never dies. Thus, to extinguish the Jews, Hitler needed to demolish the bones, themselves through the crematoria.

So why was the Jewish Cemetery spared? After conquering the world, Hitler intended to show evidence that he had rid the world of the “Jewish race” by displaying the traces of that lost society. However, he foiled himself. His satanic plan didn’t succeed because there is always at least a shard or two left after burning. So while burning the Jews, he was preserving them at the same time, by keeping the bones “alive” in a permanent resting place to become re-fleshed at the time of the resurrection.  He saw to it that the “Jewish race” and moral conscience would live eternally!