Holiday Celebrations & Connections: Never “Fuhgeddaboutit”

Many people are prone to say “Forget about it” to serve conversation where something is discussed like “Let me pay for the cab.”  The other person, in a generous mood, retorts, “Forget about it.  I’ll take care of it.” 

We don’t need more examples, for everyone knows what I’m talking about.  The phrase is usually said when the context is the past or future.

Let’s examine the phrase a little more.  When we connect that phrase in the context of time, what can be said about if from a spiritual perspective?             

Since personal past and personal future don’t exist — the former is over and done with, the latter hasn’t happened yet (although we have faith that it will) — they don’t exist. 

Since they no longer/don’t exist, in forgetting about what doesn’t exist, we are actually talking about nothing, since what doesn’t exist, what isn’t, is nothing.  No sense talking, nor thinking about nothing.  There is nothing to remember, nothing to forget. 

However, I might forget to take out the garbage, or forget the appointment to go to the dentist, forget to take the umbrella, and so forth.  Here I haven’t remembered something tangible or concrete.  There is something here about memory. 

When we celebrate holidays, we are placing ourselves in connecting with a heritage, a continuity of experience, where we are recalling a past beyond our personal one, establishing a communal relationship with our ancestral past, for the sake as well of future remembrance.

 I won’t forget you, nor those I love.  But future and past talk or thoughts . . . fuhgeddaboutit!