Homeopathic Social Remedies

Homeopathic remedies:

Perhaps the oldest known therapeutic healing method ever described is homeopathy. Two basic premises of this technique is indicated by the syllables of its name: homeo = same, pathy = toxicity (sickness, illness). Homeopathy’s applications to physical, emotional, mental, social maladies is two-fold:

A micro (small) input creates or elicits a macro (large) output/response.

Like cures like.

For example, many homeopathic remedies for physical conditions contain minute qualities of arsenic. In other words, a micro amount of poison cures the toxicity within you.

On the social level, like cures like is an unerring remedy to reverse social maladies and open channels of communication. In my 50 years of clinical experience, I have discovered the power of this homeopathic approach in two major ways:

1.  Mental imagery in which a micro input of imagery ignites a macro response whereby healings take place physically, mentally, emotionally and socially

2.  social communication in which you reflect the other’s misbehavior can be beneficial to you and to the other. Here are some shorthand examples:

Be unkind to the un-kind

Be mean to the mean

Be consciousless to the consciousless

Logic and socialization tells us to do the opposite. Be courteous to the discourteous, kind to the unkind, going high when they go low, welcoming to the unwelcoming, complementary to the insulting, cordial to the uncordial, gracious to the ungracious.

The net result of such mercy on our part to the misbehaved has the affect of making such miscreant behaviors WORSE. When you meet such people you are talking to their inner terrorist who has no interest in collaborating with you UNTIL the homeopathic remedy is applied. Otherwise, these folks will have a “field day” taking advantage of you, and worse. In contrast, the homeopathic remedy allows the other to realize we are operating in the same ballpark as they are. Only when they are met on their own grounds is it possible to effect a meaningful conversation and bring out their reasonable side. The misunderstanding of this point has shown its adverse effects, if not awake and alert about this, your eyes may be shut wide open.