On Hope

Hope is an inner light, giving us the impetus to go on living. It is the eternal prayer offered for the perpetual creation and continuation of life. Hope is the inner impulse that urges a woman to become pregnant and give birth. It is the source of respiration, that very energy of life.

In the Western tradition, the rainbow was gifted to the world after the flood as God’s message of hope. The rainbow is the life of color, the color of life. These colors appearing in that beautiful arc always enliven us, giving us a lift, motivating us, spurring us to keep our spirits up. No wonder it is the symbol of hope, never to give up. There is always another day, another hour, another minute, another second. There is always life.

Hope is the inward expression of the rainbow. It is the inner light auguring a new beginning, a new discovery for/of self, a bright new day, a light at the end of the tunnel. This light of hope can be experienced a number of ways: “Aha!” “Yes!” or a sigh of relief, flash of happiness, to name a few. Most of us have had contact or awareness of this feeling at some time in life.

There are other ways the inner light can be observed. Imaginal experience is one such example. Imagination is an inner light cast into the darkness of inner subjective reality to pierce that unknown and startle that reality to reveal the knowledge it holds in “storehouse consciousness.” That’s just what happened when the Divine uttered “Let there be light.” It might be said that we are the birthed product of God’s hope and imagination. That was God’s way. God hoped for humanity, hope that we would return home to the house of our Source. We are not hopeless in God’s “eyes.” 

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