How Things Work (Healing ⁄ Holy Model)


We mutually participate in the healing process by using active methods for ⁄ on ourselves. This mutuality is between you and our Source. The healer’s role is to help you stay on track, on course, with your practice. Don’t worry about trusting yourself in bringing normalcy. We were born to be able to do this. Up to this point no one, no M.D., has been able to teach you how to do this self–healing. I teach you in a simple to understand and to use way. You definitely have the power to heal yourself. My 36 years of practice and of my students in this direction has amply demonstrated the truth of this statement. I have amply described this in my writings and in my successful research in asthma and strengthening heart functioning.

Our model is a spiritually–based one where healing energy is provided from the Essence (God, Invisible Reality, Source, Divinity, Higher Power, Whatever term appeals to you) down to our physical Existence here in the world. The bridge between the two REALITIES conveying this information is called image, the natural and true language of inner life. The channel for this communication is called "mind," a definition you’ll not find in any dictionary. Mind is consciousness. It is filtered through the heart. This consciousness is called love. It is the great healing force given to each of us by Source to maintain our connection. We all know the heart is the seat of love. The heart is aroused by this power, begins to beat rhythmically, sending these impulses carrying the message of this inner language to the brain, where the information is mediated through the right cerebral hemisphere. In turn this information is stored and when necessary is relayed to the rest of our biomental being. This information is received as instructions on how we can come into order. Our system knows how to read this inner language and to respond accordingly.

In sum: the wave of consciousness ⁄ love passes through the levels ⁄ worlds of invisible reality, accompanied by the invisible language called image, entering our time–space biological being to the heart, inciting the never–ending oscillating rhythm of heartbeat known as lub–dub or more technically as systole–diastole. This rhythmical vibration is carried along the nerve network arising in the abdominal–heart region flowing along the major sensory nerve of the body called the Vagus up to the brain, where these impulses serve to organize brain function. Here the right cerebral hemisphere receives and mediates the imagery messages, stores them and then relays them to the brains of the organs of the rest of our organism. The healing model looks so:


Healing Model