Imagery: Building a Body of Light - Starts Sep. 19, 2023

For centuries, the profound practice of mental imagery, called the intelligence of the heart, has held the key to unlocking inner wisdom, igniting transformative change, and forging connections to the divine realms. This experiential class teaches you how to turn your senses inward to access your intuition and unlock your inner guidance, healing, and transformation. Each week, you are led through multiple illuminating imagery exercises and will have the opportunity to share your awe-inspiring experiences with a close-knit group of fellow seekers. Through group discussion, you learn to decode and interpret the language of images and develop the skills to create personalized imagery exercises for your specific needs. At the end of this transformative journey, you'll harness your inner power and confidence as an imagery practitioner on an extraordinary level, learning to use imagery to quell your anxieties, navigate challenging decisions, and heal the wounds of the past.

This year, we will use imagery exercises adapted from Simcha Benyosef’s Empowered to Heal and from other sources based on student interest. This course is an open invitation to all, a sanctuary of learning and growth. Step into the transformative world of heart-centered intelligence, where the magic of mental imagery awaits.

Tuition: $550 for Fall Semester, $550 for Spring Semester 


A Group Healing Experience
Rachel Epstein, LAc

This remote course will meet via Zoom with recordings available for those who wish to join asynchronously. Join at anytime!


Every Other Tuesday 2:00-3:30 PM EDT

Meets 2023-24: Sep.19, Oct. 3, Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, Dec. 12, Jan. 9, Jan. 23, & Feb. 6

Tuition: $550 per semester

Join anytime, tuition prorated based on entry date