Imagery with Children - Starts November 7, 2022

“WHAT MAGIC DID YOU DO? My children don't fight anymore!" - Mother of sons, aged 8 and 10 years, formerly constantly fighting.

Psychologist Sarah Berkovits’s four-part course, Using Guided Imagery with Children: Successful Techniques to Improve School Performance and Self-Esteem, teaches parents, teachers, psychologists and counselors imagery techniques and exercises to help children improve their self-esteem, emotional regulation, interpersonal skills, and school performance. Along with learning clear behavioral interventions, adults will learn creative, innovative practices for working with children of varied behavioral, social, and emotional difficulty levels, while cultivating empathy for children’s feelings and emotions.


Session 1: Introduction to Mental Imagery With Children

What is imagery? Why does it work? How do you use it with children effectively?  Experiencing Imagery first hand (warming up exercises) 


Session 2: Creating a New Reality: Working with the “difficult child” 


Rather than focusing on the “problem” we will learn imagery techniques to engage your child in creating new solutions to situations, new visions of themselves succeeding, and Children become their own success stories giving them a feeling of empowerment, which motivates them to thrive and succeed even more. 

The primary imagery technique is encapsulated in the word “Reversing” 


Session 3: Experiencing Success in School:

“Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like failure." With the enormous emphasis on improving school grades and mastering curriculums at earlier and earlier ages, it is imperative that kids experience themselves as successful. Here we use imagery to strengthen children’s self esteem and improve their ability to master spelling, math, reading, and writing. Alleviating test anxiety and helping children manage their feelings including anger, will also be addressed


Session 4: The Flower Diagnostic: Understanding Your Child or student

This amazing simple to use diagnostic technique lets you gain a window into the child's world, their feelings about themselves, their social and emotional make-up, what's right and what's not right in their world.


Sarah Berkovits, acclaimed, innovative, and creative educator and public speaker, has taught at some of the most prestigious schools in England, Israel, and America, including Hasmonean Prep, Evelina de Rothschild, Ramaz Upper School, and the Yeshiva of Flatbush. She was also a psychology professor at Touro College.

For twenty-eight years, Sarah served as a nationally certified clinical counselor for the NYC Department of Education, ultimately becoming a consultant and staff development trainer. She is the author of Guided Imagery with Children: Successful Techniques to Improve School Performance and Self-Esteem (Whole Person Associates). Currently, she divides her time between writing, consulting, and public speaking. She also has a private psychotherapy practice.


Sarah Berkovits

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Four Mondays 3:30 - 4:30 PM EST

2022: Nov 7, 14, 21, 28