Imagery Exercise for Kwanzaa

Knowing Ourselves Through Seeking and Finding

Frequency: Repeat once a day before lighting the Kwanzaa candles each day of the holiday.

  • Close your eyes and breathe out slowly, a long, exhalation, followed by a normal inhalation.
  • Feel and know that to be a seeker is a blessing.
  • Feel how it affirms the wholeness of our identity.
  • Breathe out one time.
  • See, sense, and know why and how the restoration of our wholeness is possible.
  • See, know, and feel how unity is the destiny of man.
  • Breathe out one time.
  • Live the homeward journey back to your roots.
  • Know and live how returning to unity is the basic human longing.
  • Breathe out one time.
  • Recognize why this unity is so far away in time and space and opposite to our human daily realities.
  • See and know how we can make this world into a paradise of fellowship and love only by living in harmony with one another.
  • See and sense yourself drinking from the kikombe cha umoja, the Unity cup, and sharing it with family and friends, past and present.
  • Breathe out three times.
  • Know and live how the quest for transforming your destiny is the reunion of you with yourself and your community.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.