Imagery Exercises for Bonding to Loved One(s)

Frequency: Do this exercise every morning upon awakening and before bed. Remember to give your intention silently before starting, thus: "I’m doing the Golden Rope exercise to keep myself in life with ________ [name(s)], and it’s taking me a few seconds." When finished breathe out and open your eyes.

Close your eyes. Sit straight up in a chair (never lying down). Keep legs and arms and hands uncrossed. Breathe out three times slowly – out–in, out–in, out–in – then breathe any way you wish. See a golden rope tied around your waist. See the other end tied around the waist of the loved one. Know the two of you are together eternally. If there are more than one loved ones, have the rope around you and tie other golden ropes from that rope around you to others as is needed.