Imagery Exercises: For Earth Day

Healing the Earth & Becoming One with Nature
Here are two imagery exercises for Earth Day.
Healing the Earth, Hope for the Earth
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe out three times slowly, (e.g. long slow exhalations through the mouth, normal inhalations through the nose).
  • Imagine the Earth surrounded by a rainbow.
  • See the stars sending their stardust to fertilize the earth
  • Restoring the earth to its natural beauty with plenty for everyone and everything.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes. 

      Frequency: Once everyday for three weeks.

Becoming One with Nature

  • Close your eyes. 
  • Breathe out three times slowly (e.g. breathe out long, slow exhalation through the mouth, and normal inhalations through the nose.)
  • On the next long out breathe, you become one with nature.
  • Imagine yourself entering a forest.
  • Listen to the silence of the forest.
  • Hear all the different sounds that are constructing the silence.
  • Feel and know how they are weaving together.
  • Recognize that at the same time they are threatening and full of life.
  • Breathe out one time slowly.
  • Look at all the games and dances of shadows and lights between the trunks and the branches of the trees.
  • Let yourself be filled by the visions and imagery coming from them.
  • Breathe out one time slowly,
  • Smell the different fragrances. Taste the berries and the fruits.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes. 
      Frequency: Once everyday for three weeks.