Imagery Exercises for Grief

Frequency: Each morning for seven days with the intention of overcoming the grief (or any intention of a similar nature you may wish to use).

Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly (that is, out–in, out–in, out–in, making sure the exhalation is done through the mouth and is longer and slower than the inhalation, which is done briefly through the nose) Then, into the mirror see yourself at the cemetery at the grave site surrounded by family and friends. Recover the body of the deceased and read a prayer from a prayer book or medication from a meditation book. Rebury the body and after place flowers on the grave or stones (if you are an Orthodox Jew). Breathe out one time and turn the mirror over. In the other face of the mirror see yourself leaving the cemetery continuing to read the prayer or meditation. See yourself strong, bright and clear. When you pass through the gate close it behind you. Then, breathe out and open your eyes.