Imagery Exercises for Guilt

One can master and eliminate guilt feelings through exercises of will and imagery. Here is an example of each respectively.

1. Ask yourself when feeling guilty to whom you believe you owe a debt. Now ask do you really owe the debt. If no feel the burden and oppression of guilt lifting. If yes, there's a legitimate debt, discharge your responsibility for it. Feel the burden and oppression of guilt lifting. Remember, you have responsibility toward others in this world. That’s how we live harmoniously in community. We don't have responsibility for anyone else. Each of us has responsibility for the unfoldment of our lives. Getting the distinction straight for yourself makes life much less burdensome, adds clarity to your life, and makes life altogether easier to manage – guilt free.

2. Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly. Be at the back porch of a house. Broom out the dirt from the porch into a pile on the lawn nearby. Clean the porch thoroughly knowing the guilt is gone. After collect the debris on the lawn and burn it. Bury the ashes in a hole. Fill it in and cover with a large rock. Come back to the porch to see how it looks. Breathe out and open your eyes.