Imagery Research

News flash! I conducted research  with Dr. Ulas Kaplan of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. It centered on assessing heart rate variability from a program created by the Heart Math Institute out in California. Using mental imagery to control heart rate variability, this process was tested against two other variables: affirmations and simply thinking about the function. Heart rate variability is a function that defines the health and strength of the heart. The greater the variability the healthier is the heart.

The upshot of the research showed results of the imagery group far surpassed results obtained from the other two groups, affirmations coming in a distant second, while the group doing nothing other than ordinary thinking showed no effect at all. An additional discovery was that levels of the stress hormone cortisol found in sputum were reduced during imagery process, but this was not the case for the affirmation or thinking groups.

Read the two published articles here & here

Over the years,  I have been involved in three research projects using mental imagery, all of which have been successful: 1) establishing Waking Dream as a separate state of consciousness from Eastern Meditation and Hypnosis; 2) Treating Asthma with Mental Imagery; and 3) the current project cited above. There is a fourth study in the offing on the ailment called Charcot–Marie Tooth Disease in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Barrett who developed the protocol for the Asthma study as well. The Waking Dream v. Meditation and Hypnosis and the Asthma research articles are available here on my website.