Imagery for Vertigo

To ameliorate vertigo

By Randy Kasper, LCSW, PhD, AIMI Faculty

  • Sit upright and breathe out three times (with eyes opened or closed). 
  • Imagine a warm, golden light cascading down, moving through you, and anchoring you to the earth. From this light comes warm soothing sand filling you up, going down to your feet and legs, again anchoring you to the earth and giving you grounding and stability.
  • See sense and feel yourself as a child’s toy that bounces back, knowing that your base is safely and securely connected to the earth.
  • [Add this if you have an inner ear problem in which the crystals have become "unmoored" and have moved into the semi-circular canals See the golden light moving through your skull and taking all imbalances and debris with it as it moves  down through your trunk, legs and out the feet and into the earth, through your legs and feet and into the earth.]
  •  See sense and feel the warm sand. 
  • Breathe out one time (and open your eyes).