Imagination and Resurrection

One significant component of imagination and mental imagery is analogous to resurrection — the reanimation of the dead back to life.

The material time-space world is the world of entropy and decay. This is a fact: each of us attached solely to the values of the time-space material world inevitably dies. The imaginal[*] experience takes the forms of the material world -- the forms attached to death -- and absorbs them inwardly. Taken into our soul, they are reanimated, re-energized, and infused with everday waking life. From there, these forms are transported to our time-space realm to inspire new ideas/forms to life. Imagination, birthed from death, creates new life.

Recognizing the above, it becomes clear that imagination, or the imaginal existence, brings death back to life, a resurrection that happens day to day.  To learn more about accessing the imaginal realm, read my books Healing Visualizations, Kabbalah for Inner Peace, Healing into Immortality and Waking Dream Therapy.

God loves us.





[*] This point of imaginal experience waiting to live itself through us comes from the work of Prof. Henri Corbin, perhaps the leading exponent of describing and defining imagination in the Western world, as conveyed in a book by Tom Cheetham, All the World an Icon:  Henri Corbin and the Angelic Function of Beings, an in-depth explanation of Corbin’s contributions.  (Cheetham has written of these in other books as well.)