Insomnia Exercise: The Meadow of Sleep

To fall asleep & awake refreshed

Can’t sleep? Get out of bed, go to a chair in another room (or in the bedroom if another room is not available). Turn on a light and close your eyes and breathe out, long and slow, through your mouth, and breathe in normally through your nose. Do this several times. Then on the next long out breath:

Imagine yourself in a meadow, lying down on the ground, and your head lying on a tuft of grass. You are looking at the sun in the distance as it is setting, beginning to sink below the horizon. When it falls out of sight, know and sense you are falling into a sound sleep to wake up in ____ (fill in) hours, renewed and refreshed. Breathe out and open your eyes.

After finishing, leave the chair, shut out the light, and leave the room. Go directly to bed. Sleep tight! Repeat every night for 21 evenings, or less if insomnia disappears.