It's Got Teeth! An Introduction to Building Your Personal Magical Practice - Starts January 13, 2023

This four week class teaches practitioners how to create a magical practice that is unique to them, integrates a variety of magical tools and techniques, and is deeply rooted in personal history and cultural context.

We cover: building a crafting practice that comes from within, is ethically oriented, and is informed by personal and cultural histories; the basics of ritual practice from beginning to end; common tools that are essential to most crafting; how to responsibly engage with your ancestors; fundamentals of building and trusting your intuition; interacting meaningfully with your dreams; integrating the rejected parts of yourself; and working with non-human allies. 

A library of resources that expand on class content and reflect student interests will be made available to students.

The course will integrate imagery exercises related to:

  • Connecting with your ancestors
  • personal folklore/stories from heritage or personal religion 
  • Finding your colors/color significance 
  • Nighttime reversing (shadow work) 
  • Dream repair and dream integration 

Week One: Introduction & Craft Essentials

Week Two: Working with Collective Stories, Ancestors & The Shadow

Week Three: Intuition Building & Dreamwork

Week Four: Non-Human Allies & Ethical Herbalism


This is a donation-based course. To enroll, please email and make a donation to AIMI of $250 or whatever amount feels financially feasible using the yallow "Donate" button at the bottom of this page.


Sarah Epstein, the illustrious child of Dr. Jerry Epstein and AIMI Director Rachel Epstein, trades in casual nepotism and is a practicing sex and relationship coach earning her Master's degree in Psychology at The New School for Social Research. As a pre-pubescent desperately trying to capture the hearts of pimply boys, Sarah used magic to craft love potions in her bathroom sink. She continues to practice Jewitchery, has a formal background in visual arts, mental health care, imagery, dreambirth, and dreamwork, and an informal background in plant medicine. She generally wants everyone to have a good time all the time, but she’s also always down for a good cry (don’t worry, she’ll bring the tissues).

Julia Machina is an aspiring therapist entering her second year of a Master’s program in Psychology with a focus on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling from the New School for Social Research. She has been developing her personal magical practice since the age of 16 with strong influences from Irish traditions. She has received formal training in sleep and dream psychology from Sarah Lawrence College and has taken many courses ranging from ethical herbalism to working with nightmares from the wonderful teachers at Ritualcravt School in Denver, CO.

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Sarah Epstein and Julia Machina

Call in to Zoom via computer or tel. or receive an mp3 recording.


Four Fridays 6:00-8:00pm EST

2023: Jan 13, 20, 27; Feb 3