Know Thy Self I : An Introduction to Face Reading - New Section to be Announced

Want to understand yourself or others better?  Learn the secrets that your face and body reveal. Based in the ancient diagnostic system of the western spiritual tradition, Morphology or face reading can tell us about our unique physiological and psychological predispositions and vulnerabilities as well as the best therapeutic interventions such as diet, exercise,  daily rhythms of work and play, and even spiritual practices.

Likewise, it can reveal the best suited partners for us. Most importantly, it can help us to understand and accept ourselves and others – mates, bosses, children, etc. – more easily, smoothing out difficulties in relationships. 


Dr. Lamonica is the author of The Art and Science of Face Reading.  A gifted chiropractor and healer, she studied with Dr. Jerry for many years. 

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Jennifer Lamonica, DC, LAc, DACBN

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