Life on the Iceberg: A Comic for People Who Worry

Life on the Iceberg Front Cover
Life on the Iceberg Back Cover

Should you read Life on the Iceberg? Well... Do you hate being alone? Do you hate being with others, as they invariably intrude upon you? Do you worry about exorbitant cell phone bills? Or about ingesting posionous mushrooms? Are you preoccupied with your inevitable demise? Do you feel the divine creator made a few errors along the way? If so- you need to read this!

About the Author: 

Celiabeth (Blumenthal) lives on a very crowded iceberg called Manhattan. She works as a psychiatrist and spends her days listening to penguins complain about al sorts of things. When she goes home, she spends her time listening to her family complain, walking the dog, and contemplating philosophical mysteries: what is the purpose of life? And why is it that no matter how many times she cleans the kitchen, there are always dirty dishes in the sink...?