The Limits of Psychotherapy

 Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis were created essentially to solve problems.  As such, they offer some benefits and value as temporary measures to achieve balance in our life.

However, as with all solution-based approaches to life, be they in the medical arts, business boardrooms, theological palliatives, governmental initiatives, military actions, etc., their focus is too narrow. Without a wholistic resolution, one solution begets another problem.

Moreover, these manifold institutional techniques do not contain a coherent model of prevention and maintenance to create a path to unity and interpretation of life, including us becoming a self-authority and to become a law unto oneself.

To go further, to provide maintenance and prevention possibilities, a paradigm shift is required, yet unlikely to happen, in a solution-based therapy. The shift is to a spiritually oriented direction that emphasizes education.  This educative function includes understanding and using the relationship characteristically existing between physical, emotional, mental, social, and moral factors.  More to come.