Love and Freedom: A Valentine's Message

In the experience of loving without strings or dependencies, the lover and the loved one merge in love; the lover accepts the loved one without conditions. This acceptance acts to free each party. This act of liberation occurs in a paradoxical way: through a warm, caring, heartfelt detachment of yourself where a space is created. This space of freedom permits  your beloved the freedom to be who and what s/he is, wherein s/he is accepted by you with gratitude.  This creation of space – mirroring what God did in creating us – creates perhaps the most intimate feelings of love that we may experience on this earthly plane.  Space is grace! My love seeks nothing but your freedom.

Imagery Exercise for Valentine's Celebration

Seeing Your Beloved Through New Eyes 

  • Close your eyes. 
  • Breathe out a long slow exhalation though the mouth and a brief or normal inhalation through the nose.  Do this for three cycles.
  • Breathe out one time, and see your loved one with your horizontal eyes, in the usual way.  
  • Experience the feeling(s) and physical sensation(s).  
  • Now breathe out one time, and see your loved one through vertical eyes, one eye atop of the other between the bridge of the nose and the lower forehead.  
  • Experience the feeling(s) and physical sensation(s).
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.
Happy Valentine's Day
Love and Blessings,
Dr. Jerry