Mea Culpa: Tales of Resurrection (Softcover)

Mea Culpa: Tales of Resurrection (softcover)

For man is like a rope

With one end pulled by God

And the other by Satan

Thus opens Colette’s recollections of  the over 1000 exorcisms she performed during her life beginning from her earliest childhood in Algeria, her years back and forth to France spanning both world wars,  through her many years living in Jerusalem.  In the 52 vignettes collected here, Colette vividly describes the symptoms of the possessed as well as her miraculous cures through the use of imagery and other unique healing techniques she devised.

For Colette, the roots of possession are entwined in the elements of guilt and sexuality. “Feelings of guilt aroused by sexual thoughts, feelings, or behavior creates a special vulnerability; hence the general title of the book, Mea Culpa (I Am Guilty). While written for a general audience, the book also serves as an indispensable resource for clinicians in the field of imagination as the 20th Century Master of imagination describes her cases replete with her insights into illness and healing.

Introduction by Gerald Epstein, MD

ACMI Press (1997). Softcover , 175 pages