From a spiritual perspective, megalomania  is an irreversible mental condition. Here the individual takes himself to be God.  As such, there is no room for God.  Characterized by ultra-vanity, the megalomaniac takes no responsibility for his behavior, is ready to blame others for behaviors he is guilty of and then covers it up. He has no regard for the laws of society regulating civil behavior toward each other.  Taking oneself for God, there is no need to abide by any law other than what he authors for himself. The megalomaniac expects, nay, demands, everyone else to bow down before him. His interpersonal motto in relationships is “me real, you shadow.”  Nothing and no one matters outside of how they serve the megalomaniac. Moreover, the megalomaniac is given to bouts of anger, even to fury, and onto murderous rage, especially when  he perceives he is slighted, insulted, or his will hasn’t been obeyed as he sees fit.

Do not expect this person to change. There is no wait-and-see attitude will ever come to fulfillment.  Do not get caught in the fiction of “he knows what is right even though he does the wrong thing”.

Now, when that individual achieves a position of immense, autonomous power, such as Idi Amin, Catherine the Great, Saddam Hussain, he sees himself as master of the world and master of the universe. He believes no one can unseat him as he experiences no limits, no boundaries, no containment. This impulse is a violation of the first commandment to usurp the knowledge and power of God and the second commandment to worship oneself as a God.

When living under such rule, hold onto your hat.  The ride will be painful and miserable for many.  However, there is hope, light at the end of the tunnel.  That light denotes for us in these days that a new, higher self-organization of life shall emerge, bringing with it a new awareness of the true purpose of living here on Earth.