Menorah of Hope

Here is a Chanukah imagery exercise that can be practiced once per day during the eight day holiday. For additional winter holiday imagery click here.

The Menorah of Hope

  • Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.
  • Day #1: Imagine a menorah in front of you. Light the first candle of the festival, using the special shamas or servant candle, which you place on the menorah in its special holder.
  • Breathe out.
  • See yourself placing this holy Light in your heart.  This light of hope spreads throughout your body, illuminating you.
  • Breathe out.
  • See, sense, feel, and live this light radiating out from your body to the world spreading this luminosity of hope to all peoples of the world.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes. 

Day #2 - #8 – Repeat the exercise each day of the holiday, progressively lighting an additional candle, until on the 8thday, all candles are lit.