Mind Power

It was interesting to read of Serena Williams’s use of mental imagery to influence her tennis prowess.  This practice was instilled in her since childhood through the efforts of her father, who taught her this process. Serena’s experience has been corroborated by many athletes in diverse sports.  Jack Nicklaus in golf, O. J. Simpson in football, Ted Williams in baseball, to name a few.

How does this imagery practice work?  What is going on?  Simply put, imagery is a mental process, our inner rehearsal in pictorial form that guides the imager’s actions in the everyday external world.  This means that what happens mentally is then expressed physically.

In metaphysical terms, the ancients understood the invisible births the visible. This activity happens outside the space-time dimension, in what is called the no-time zone.

There are a number of experiments that support this thesis (not theory).  One that comes to mind concerns two gentlemen.  One went to the gym every day for three months to lift weights in weight training.  The other sat home on his couch and imagined lifting weights in a similar routine each day for the same three-month period.  At the beginning of this experiment, the muscle mass of their biceps was measured.  They were roughly the same.  At the end of the 90 days, their biceps were measured again.  It was discovered they each had grown the same muscle mass!

This principle of the inside being made outside has been termed in mystical life as “Magic.”  As we all are aware, all performed magic appears to defy the laws of logic. Where something invisible births the visible.  As Shakespeare penned, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”   One of these is the power of the mind.