The Moment

We are told repeatedly by many contemporary authors (and ancient sages) of spiritual practices to live in the now, to live in the moment, to live in the moment of now and so forth.  These statements are true, but only partially so. Every moment is a moment of now at every instant.  My interest is where are you living the moment you’re in?  Are you living that moment in the future, past, reverie, daydream, memory?  If so, you are living then not now, living in the moment of then, not of now.  Even the moment “of now” is really an approximation of now.  Now is now, not “of now”.

To reiterate, we humans are living every moment in every moment at each instant.  The question is where is that moment being lived?  If in the future, past or reverie, it is somewhere other than now and is essentially illusion or mirage depending on whether it’s thoughts or images (fantasies, daydreams).  In any event, whatever the form of thinking, if it’s not now, it’s not in truth.